Jessica was awesome and even sent me a lovely thank u card great place
Nicole P. On June 24th, 2017

Had the most amazing facial from Shalee a few weeks back. Looking forward to my next two that I've already set up! 5 star establishment and customer service is top notch!
Vicky Stapp Scott reviewed Studio Skin Deep — 5 star June 1, 2017

Had a very nice experience at Studio Skin Deep. It is very clean and has a friendly but peaceful atmosphere. Sheryl is fantastic. Knowledgeable, friendly and you can tell she really cares about what's best for each of her clients. Give them a try. I'm glad that I did!
judy m.on May 7, 2017 for Three ultrasonic microdermabrasions with LED light therapy

great service - highly recommended
Kasia P. on Apr 27, 2017 for One ultrasonic microdermabrasion with LED light therapy

Had a wonderful experience the consultant was very knowledgeable, great experience.
Suzanne L. on Apr 22, 2017 for One ultrasonic microdermabrasion with LED light therapy· 

Shalee and Studio Skin Deep provide a relaxing and educational experience with proven results. There are countless locations throughout the area that you can choose from but not all Skin Therapist are created equal! They TRULY know YOUR skin!
Krissy Chalk reviewed Studio Skin Deep — 5 star March 19, 2017

Awesome! Shalee is the BEST! They pay so much attention to you, you feel like you are the only person in the world!
Jodie Hopkins reviewed Studio Skin Deep — 5 star February 2, 2017 

One of the best facials I've ever received
Joan A.on Jul 13, 2016 for One ultrasonic microdermabrasion with LED light therapy

Great experience and Staff
Carol A.on May 9, 2016 for One ultrasonic microdermabrasion with LED light therapy

wonderful! fabulous service! great products! incredible results!
Kristen Francis reviewed Studio Skin Deep — 5 star May 4, 2016· 

Great place. Caring staff. Made another appointment before we left. Can't wait to go back. Highly recommended.
ANN H.on Apr 14, 2016 for One ultrasonic microdermabrasion with LED light therapy

Great place.. Really nice people.. Very professional .. Loved the facial.. All round WONDERFUL experience!!
TONJA O.on Apr 12, 2016 for One ultrasonic microdermabrasion with LED light therap

Highly recommend the staff was very nice and the facial was amazing!
Kaitlyn H.on Apr 8, 2016 for One ultrasonic microdermabrasion with LED light therapy

Very good and professional
Mary h.on Apr 11, 2016 for One ultrasonic microdermabrasion with LED light therapy

Wonderful service. I would recommend it to everyone.
Elizabeth V. on Jan 23, 2016 for One ultrasonic microdermabrasion with LED light therapy

Very clean everyone is nice and the service is good
sandy b.on Jan 22, 2016 for One ultrasonic microdermabrasion with LED light therapy

Immediate results Great products 
Jane D.on Nov 21, 2015 for One ultrasonic microdermabrasion with LED light therapy

Great atmosphere and service, would go again and recommend to others
Elena S.on Oct 8, 2015 for One ultrasonic microdermabrasion with LED light therapy

Easy to find Very nice, clean, aesthetically pleasing and relaxing lobby and room where I had my facial Friendly staff Enjoyed the entire experience Will return
September 26, 2015

Loved my experience at Studio Skin Deep. I plan to become a regular client.
September 24, 2015

Clean, Friendly, and wonderful service!!!!!
August 26, 201

If you are looking for a wonderful deep cleansing facial and relaxing atmosphere, look no further. Ask for Shalee, she is absolutely the best in the business. She is very knowledgeable, caring and after 1-2 treatments she can diagnosis your skin needs and put you on a regimen that will bring your skin back to life and help the signs of aging. One of the best kept spa/studio's in New Smyrna Beach :-)
Nancy Rago reviewed Studio Skin Deep — 5 star January 16, 2015 · 

It's a wonderful place!
January 14, 2015

I was referred to skin deep products  by a friend and  have been using hyaluronic acid, ellagic ultra  moisturizer and a night resurfacing  cream for 3 months now to try and slow down premature aging and I am  absolutely in love with these products! I have seen such a big transformation in my skin in very little time and get so many compliments on my skin; I will definitely continue using their product. I was lucky enough to receive services from Shalee at studio skin deep and she was so helpful with answering any questions I had and had a solution for every problem of mine I 100% recommend this salon and their product line! Shalee is amazing!
07/08/2015 A.M.N - Minnesota

Pleasantly surprised at the wonderful, clean, professional studio. Staff was knowledgeable, caring and took the time to inquire as to my expectations. I am looking forward to returning for another treatment. It really was a great Groupon deal
November 24, 2014

Relaxing and friendly staff. Excellent product and results!
September 04, 2014

I have had several facials in the past but none have gotten the results I've experienced since going to Shalee the last 2 years. Friends, family, and coworkers have all accused me of having "work done"! People always estimate my age to be at least 10 yrs less than it really is. Even my husband noticed the difference immediately with my first treatment. 

I love the skin deep product line. I used to have terrible dark circles under my eyes but now I don't even use concealer. I am in love with the microcurrent treatment.  The results are amazing! People tell me daily that I have beautiful skin and I can't thank Shalee enough! Deb
On Apr 16, 2014 1:22 PM

I enjoyed my face being done! It was a wonderful experience and so relaxing . Would go back again!!!!! Thanks Janet
January 11, 2014

Very nice, friendly place! I'm a regular now for facials.
March 22, 2013

Shalee:Thank you for my amazing facial yesterday! My skin looks and feels amazing. Cant wait to come back!

Professional not pushy very happy with services.
February 16, 2013
Love it!! Very professional!! So knowledgable, friendly and personable!! Shaylee is amazing!!
Enjoyed the experience and will return.
Shalee does an awesome job!!!! Can't wait to go back!!!!
Shaylee is the best! Great facial treatment at an incredible value.
Great caring staff Liking the results of treatments
December 08, 2012

GREAT place!
October 25, 2012
Love Studio Skin Deep!
October 15, 2012

Wonderful service. Clean, friendly, professional. I will be back!
October 12, 2012
Wonderful experience! Caring and attentive staff.
October 12, 2012 

I now can see a difference in my skin. I have been going 4 months . The girls there. Are very knowledgeable.
October 06, 2012
The studio is in a nondescript strip mall, but inside it is very tastefully decorated and just clinical enough. Janet, my facialist was awesome. I hadn't had a facial in years and never a microdermabrasion session. 1 hour afterwards I was complimented by a stranger on my radiant skin!
October 01, 2012

Enjoyed the whole experience
October 02, 2012

Very knowledgeable staff and personal attention. I am definitely going back!
September 28, 2012

September 25, 2012

very knowledgeable staff with great facials 
September 05, 2012

I had a great experience I would totally come back!
September 04, 2012

Very personable, informative and professional.
August 30, 2012

Groupon got me in the door but Shaylee made it worth going back!
August 30, 2012

August 25, 2012


I LOVE Studio Skin Deep! Shalee is very talented and they are all extremely knowledgeable and professional.
August 23, 2012

It is hard to describe what a delightful experience I encountered on my first trip to Studio Skin Deep. Everyone I encountered was warm, friendly and made me feel so very special. I would recommend them highly, and I look forward to my next appointment.
August 23, 2012

I absolutely loved my microderm facial. I really felt the difference in my skin. Very nice!
August 23, 2012


I enjoyed my experience at Studio Skin Deep.I was having a really stressful morning before I arrived and by the time I left I felt completly relaxed and renewed.Great Place,I highly recommend you go spend some time there.I also had my eyebrows tinted she did a fantastic job and that was also discounted.I will be back,thank you so much.Claudia Ulery
August 23, 2012

very professional and relaxing, the studio is very nice
August 23, 2012

They are very knowledgeable about skin care. The best I have been to so far. I will tell all my friends about them. I am so happy that I finally found a great place to go to for my skin and I can share it with all my friends and family.
August 15, 2012

Love the products. The facial was nice. Thank to groupon, I found a very nice skin care salon.
August 15, 2012


Great job.
August 03, 2012

I had a wonderful time there. Janet was delightful to talk with and she did a great job. I look forward to further treatments.
June 16, 2012

Very professional and efficient. It was worth the drive from Port Orange, and I will definitely be coming back!
May 12, 2012

The tech was real good and helpful.
May 5, 2012

What a treat! Loved every minute of it.
March 22, 2012

Thanks for an awesome experience. Can't wait to come back.
March 21, 2012

I had he best facial I have ever had. Their experience and knowledge is unbelievable. I am going to be a regular customer here.
January 22, 2012


I booked one, Next month! Love it, they were very nice!
January 11, 2012

Treated me very well.nice lady. very clean My face feels great..
January 8, 2012

Everyone was fantastic. Took their time and did a good job.
January 1, 2012

Great facial Well worth it.
December 18, 2011

As long as they keep the current staff they are very good
December 18, 2011

They do a wonderful facial at Studio Skin Deep and when coupled with their products, you can see a great difference in your skin.
December 17, 2011

Very impressed. Loved it so much I bought 3 more!
December 13, 2011

My first time there. And only went because of the groupon offer. And loved every minute of it, and my skin felt and looked amazing. Booked another appointment for next week. The staff are friendly and knowledgable and the studio is very clean, be beachy and perfect. I highly recommend Studio Skin Deep.
December 11, 2011

Very pleasant experience, I am going back.
December 11, 2011

Janet is amazing......great facial!
December 11, 2011

very friendly atmosphere
December 11, 2011

The staff was very knowledgable, gave good advice and offred products. made suggestions, the place clean, bright and just a very nice experience. I will definately be going back there again for their survices and products.
December 4, 2011

-Kristine- I'm loving the products that I bought for my hyperpigmentation.  Just since Sunday night, I have stop using my liquid foundation (which I hate to use & was using just for my spots) & my family has notice the going away.  Of course it is still visible, but not as bad & I can blend it even more with my powder foundation (which I prefer).  I have also already notice some firming. I am extremely impressed with your line & thank you for working so hard to develop it!  This is the first product in 4 yrs that 'I've just had to have'.

Again, THANK YOU!!!


-I am truly blessed to have you on "my side" through this journey.  I am absolutely a new person.  My face and energy has made drastic improvements.  I started the cell food and probiotics on the 14th.  I have not received your products yet.  Today being a holiday, I probably won't get to use them until tomorrow.  I know in a few weeks, I will feel like a million bucks!  I am still not sleeping well.  I think I have so much energy these past few days, my body is so excited to move and get things done.  I have a 3 yr old and I think I am on alert at all times and am a light sleeper.  I think ear plugs would help me alot, but I can't trust my husband to hear our child.  LOL!  Also, I am not hungry all the time as before.  I am not sure if the probiotics or the cell food is an appetite suppressant, but I know I am going to lose weight.   I really don't have much written information on the cell food and probiotics, but I think I am experiencing great results.  Unfortunately, I will be visiting my parents in Iowa the week-end of April 17th.  Keep me updated on your Midwest travels, my plans could change. 



-Thank you so much for everything!!!!  I was at the Salon & Spa Conference in Hickory, NC this past weekend and took your class.  Oh my goodness!!!  I absolutely loved your passion for your work. I need to believe in the products I use and know they work.  Your model in the class proved alot to me.  There are so many products out there and it is overwhelming for me to know where to start but I really liked you and your passion so this is where I want try to start.  I believe in my heart you care for each of your clients and truly want the best for them.  I purchased quite a few of your products and have been using them for the last two days.


-For the facials I have done so far, I have got great results. I will be sending in an order soon for my retail purposes. Take care of Mr. Don, Mrs. Kristine he is awesome and you are too. Thanks for showing the concern....Can’t wait to get back to ORLANDO.... Take care...Shamika

-I was telling my co-worker about the difference in the acne areas of the skin (thank you for the knowledge:) ) and gave her your website and phone and email and thought I'd drop you a quick email. Rachel's skin is so different from what it was when you worked with her. Occasional teen breakouts but nothing like you "fixed".  She still uses the products you gave her. I just want to say thank you :)  Your products and time with her truly changed her life and increased her confidence level for an amazing young woman.  Again, she is a true testimonial to your knowledge and products.

Dru Ann

-Hi Kris,

I have to tell how thrilled I am with your products.  I have given them a thorough test, using them religiously for 1 month.  Even though I went through a divorce, my skin looks better than ever.  I am getting compliments from people I don't even know. 


-I would like to say i am head over heels in love with Skin Deep! And now i have another reason. I always get fever blisters when i'm out in the sun to long. This time i was with out ointment. So i used my acne spot treatment and in less than 24 hrs it was already healing. Blisters gone swelling down and beggining to feel 100% better. So i had to try it on some one else to see if it was a fluke but NO. It worked just as well on my friend that had the same problem! You should really look into this more. I know what i am going to be using for now on for my fever blisters and cold sores! Thank you skin deep.

August 17, 2011 Crystal

-Kristine (or Kris) and Don:

I may not be your biggest fish in your sea with regard to orders, but I

must tell you if I could shout it from the roof tops, I would!!   I have

been an Esthetician for 14 years (Florida and part time in North Carolina)

and I have tried some of the best products out there........yours, BY FAR,

is the best I have ever used.    People need to use it for ONE application

only to see the incredible results!!!!!!!!!!    I thank you from the

bottom of my heart. Everyone I know will HEAR AND SEE the results on me!    



just wanted to tell you that my friend Karen, who kristine has helped via a phone call and some emails, visited our good Dr. Shereff 2 days ago.  he is the one who put us both on obagi.  he was pretty amazed about the great condition of her skin and assumed she was on obagi maintenence.  she told him what the REAL DEAL was!  he told her not to tell him what she was doing but to keep it up! plus he had previously recommended dermal fillers for the lines around her mouth, this time he told her she could postpone that! i'm TELLIN YA...ya'll got it goin on!!



-I've struggled with acne my entire young adult and adult life.  Not just regular acne, either...cysitc, scarring acne that has made me embarassed to be in any place where there was bright light.  I've been told that I'm a beautiful woman, but I've never really felt like it because of my skin.  After much prodding by my hair dresser, I decided to do a skin analysis with their on-site aesthetician.   She gave me 'the treatment' with your products, and I immediately noticed a difference in the feel and look of my skin. I know that sounds crazy, but it's true.  I purchased the Salicylic Cleanser, Glycolic/Salicylic Astringent, and the Vitamin Pore Minimizing cream.  It seemed like a lot of money at the time, but looking back now at all of the money I've spent on supposed 'cures' for acne and other beauty products for my face (not to mention TONS of makeup), I can honestly say that it's worth every penny...and then some.

I had breakouts for about two weeks.  The aesthetician told me that this would happen, so I continued to use the products.  I also noticed that the acne wasn't as 'cystic', or 'under the skin'.  I could feel my pores getting'de-clogged'.  My face almost immediately stopped being 'puffy' and congested.  My skin cleared up after those two weeks, and although I still get an occasional blemish, they're nowhere near what I've had throughout my adult life.

Since I was so pleased with the skin regimen, I decided to do the glycolic peels.  WOW!  Even my husband has been commenting on how great my skin looks!  I 'glow'!  I've never 'glowed', and I'm 34 years old!  I still have three peels left, and I can't wait to see the final result.  I wish I would have taken before and after pictures.  (Unfortunately--or fortunately--I've never allowed a camera to get that close to my face.)

I now use very little foundation.  My scars have diminished and my skin is smooth to the touch.  I don't look down or try to hide my face from people in the office or when I'm outside.  I don't shy away from cameras. What your product has done for me is priceless, because now when someone tells me that I'm beautiful, I believe them.

Thank you so much for your products.  Truly.  Thank you.

Joey – Wisconsin Thank you for your amazing product line.  I absolutely love it and cannot believe the transformation of my skin. 

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