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Title: Manager/Advanced Skin Therapist

Not only is Skin Care my passion, it is my life. From having problematic skin myself, suiting my client’s needs is my highest concern. My goal is to provide the most advanced and current techniques in the skin care industry to my clients. I routinely attend continuing education events, seminars, and classes to keep myself updated and educated in the medical aesthetics field. I love the treatment room and customizing each individual treatment for my clients.

Whether you are coming in for a relaxing healing facial, glamorous lash tint or precise brow arch, my focus is to relax the body, refine the skin, and educate the mind. I am dedicated to improving your over all skin, reducing fine lines & wrinkles, acne & scarring, hyper pigmentation & overall providing a relaxing experience.

I promise to educate you on nutrition, fitness, & what really goes on in the beauty industry because it is all vital information when maintaining healthy skin! When treating the skin you need to understand your body and what it is trying to tell you.

 Our motto at Studio Skin Deep is “Skin Speaks... We Translate”!    

 Let’s hear what your skin has to say!


Title: Advanced Skin Therapist   

My name is Sheryl Brown. I was born and raised in Upstate New York. I graduated from SUNY Delhi on Deans List. From there I was the only one out of my class that was hired to work for International Business Machines (IBM).  My career took me 29 years and one month ranging from Executive Secretary to Tax Accountant.

I am a proud mother to a 27 year son, who served 4 years, two tours in the military as a Marine. He has blessed us with three beautiful grandchildren, one boy, and a set of identical girl twins and a beautiful wife/daughter in law. 

I am happily married to my best friend, my husband for 13 years. We recently transferred from New York to Central Florida to call home.  After soul searching, I knew I had more work life to give and wanted to do something that I would enjoy and that would make people happy and feel good. I love the beauty industry as I have my NYS cosmetology license. I interviewed four skin care colleges and pursed my dream of being a full time student 2015. I was on the Presidents List all four terms. 

I worked at the college as a contracted licensed professional honing my skills while finding the 'right' place of employment. I also was asked twice to teach the Skin Care students while the instructor was absent.  Skin care is my passion. 

We have five beautiful four legged friends who give us unconditional love and is devoted to us, Plum Dancer, Mia May, Diamond Mark, Sapphire Ann, and Pepper Jack. We wouldn't know what we would do without them. My husband and I volunteer at the Humane Shelter. My husband and  I also watch over two elderly women in our neighborhood. I am the Captain of Our Neighborhood Watch Program and work closely with the Sheriff Department and our Neighborhood to ensure we are informed and safe. 

I also enjoy biking, golfing and estate sales and anytime I can spend with my husband and family.  We are very close with our children and grandchildren.


Title: Advanced Skin Therapist 

I chose to become an Aesthetician because of the cystic acne that I suffered with, and horrible scarring it left behind. I yearned to learn more about combating this and help other people with the same affliction, I know what a toll it can take on all aspects of a persons life. At the same time that I was dealing with the scars left behind from the acne I also noticed the first signs of aging skin.

I am truly fortunate to work for Studio Skin Deep. I am very enthusiastic about their products. I know they work because I see the results in the mirror every day. It gives me such professional satisfaction, and personal pleasure to make a difference in the lives of those I touch. I enjoy helping my clients face the world with confidence through personalized skin care.

I will always continue furthering my knowledge base. My continuing education is so important to provide the best treatments and services to my clients!

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