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For all skin types, will exfoliate                                           All stages of acne
    dead skin cells leaving skin                                       prone skin. Anti-bacterial
             soft & glowing.                                                 action with gentle exfoliation. 
                                                                                                Helps to calm the skin. 


     All skin types. Enriched with                                  Heals acne by penetrating into
    antioxidents A,B,Pycnogenol.                                the pores killing bacteria. Calms   
  Gently exfoliates dead skin cells.                            the skin, helps decrease itching  

   At home mini peel! Exfoliates                             For all skin types (teenage acne)
    dead skin cells, leaving the                                   Great cleanse after a work out.

        soft and refreshed!                                         Removes oil build up in T-Zone area.



  Helps to repair capillaries.                                               Promotes collagen production.
       Used to treat dark                                                                  Anti-aging reducing 
    circles under the eyes.                                                                    fine lines.

                                       Reduces wrinkles & age spots.
                                             Can be used around eye & lip area.
                                                       Excellent anti-oxident.


              Power 5 Peptide                                               Power 5 Peptide
                 Face Lift-1                                                             Booster-2   

 Excellent for wrinkle reduction                              Increases the effectiveness
         & muscle tightning.                                                    of step 1 face lift.

                                                          Power 5 Peptide
                                                            Eye Therapy-3  

                                               Reduces puffiness & dark circles                       
                                      Significantly reducing fine lines & wrinkles.        

                                Spot Treatments & Antixoidents:

   Reduces Hyperpigmentation &                                        Promotes the healing
discoloration from acne scarring.                                   of stress acne in 48 hours!
       Non-Carcinogenic - safe
    alternative to hydroquinone.

  Contains anti-oxidents C,B, and E.                          Organic Firming Agent.                       
            Instant Hydration!                                            Tightens Facial Muscles. 
         Great make-up barrier.

                                    Used daily to win the war
                                       against Blackheads & Large pores!

                               Leaves skin glowing, toned, & soft. 

                                       Vitamin Enriched Masks:

 All Skin types for hydration & healing.                 Calms the skin & reduces redness &
Nourishes enviromentally stressed skin.                itching. Helps control break outs.
      Enriched with vitamins B,C, & E.                              Spot treat T-Zone & chin, ect.



      A must have for all skin types!                              Provides super hydration.
Resurfaces skin, promoting growth of                      Calms red skin & sun burn.
  new heatlhy skin cells. Reduces fine                    Is the guts of the pomegranted.
          lines & evens skin tone.

                                                           For very dry skin.
                                                    Provides super hydration!
                                               Considered "Fountain of Youth"

                                              Eye Therapy

                                            Enriched with Vit. A & K 
                                                  Minimizes fine lines & wrinkles.

                                            Sun Block (SPF 35):

                                                    NO OILS! Will not clog pores.
                                        Prevents sun-induced premature aging.
                                              Wonderful day time moisturizer!

                 *90% of ingredients are dervied from renewable resources!

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